Courses in which I worked as an undergraduate TA at NUS

CS1101S Programming Methodology - Fall 2022
  • An introductory programming module, a JavaScript extension of MIT CS6.001, covering basic programming paradigms, robotics, and compiler design.
  • I participated in teaching tutorial sessions, grading assignments, and creating exam questions. My feedback score was 4.8 out of 5.0, exceeding the departmental average of 4.2.
CS3244 Machine Learning - Fall 2022
  • An undergraduate-level course on machine learning covering various classical machine learning and deep learning models, different learning paradigms, as well as their applications in vision, language, and robotics.
  • I contributed to grading assignments and setting final exam questions.
CS5478 Intelligent Robots: Algorithms and Systems - Spring 2023
  • A graduate-level course on robotics covering sensors, robotic perception, motion planning, control, SLAM, POMDP, and robot architectures.
  • I contributed to designing the final project on autonomous driving and evaluating student submissions.